Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Affordable solution for filling in those pesky nail holes in your walls!

Most of us have heard of spackling paste used to fill in nail holes.  The tub will cost you $10 or so and you will also need a small putty knife to scrape off the left over spackle.

Now if you're not doing a full on board and batten project and don't need filler for larger holes, then you're in luck.  A much easier and way more affordable solution is soap.  Just grab a bar of soap, rub it across the hole, wipe away any left over soap around the hole with paper towel and VOILA!

Thanks a bunch to Ms. Budget Savy Diva at www.BudgetSavyDiva.com for the creative idea!

Monday, 29 April 2013

"Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past present and future."

I recently read a book called Cloud Atlas. It is a must read for anyone who believes in or rather is open minded to past lives and spirituality.  It was so good that I had to see the movie.  The movie in this case, which is rarely the case for any other book turned into movie, was even better than the book.  The characters were brought to life and it was much easier to distinguish between the souls because they were played by the same actor in each time period.  I loved it and will most likely watch it again soon.  I am sure I have missed a few connections and I'm dying to discover more.  Two thumbs up frome me!

What does your coffee say about you?

I guess I am always searching for those sleeves...  Ah, never enough time to drink coffee like a civilized person.